Quito is a city that offers a diverse range of culinary experiences, from traditional Ecuadorian dishes to international cuisine. For those looking for vegan options, Quito has a growing food scene that caters to plant-based diets. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or simply looking to try something new, Quito’s vegan restaurants offer flavorful and innovative dishes that will satisfy your appetite. In this guide, we will explore some of the best vegan restaurants in Quito, highlighting their unique menus, ambiance, and customer reviews.

Best vegan restaurants in Quito

1. Tandana restaurant

tandana restaurant

A very interesting restaurant, in which they not only provide you with beautiful and delicious dishes, but also an educational experience, Tandana considers itself an ‘activist restaurant.’ Through gastronomy, entertainment and reflection, they seek to raise awareness among those who visit the establishment. on climate change. They even use wood, metal, and recycled bottles for the decoration of the restaurant. As for food, they offer you healthy and natural dishes such as falafel, curries, vegan pizzas, salads, vegetable burgers, soups and even desserts! Learn more about the amazing initiative of this vegan restaurant in Quito here!

2. Healthy Quinoa restaurant

healthy quinoa restaurant

With an organic and vegan menu, Healthy Quinua is a restaurant where you can feel at home. Here you will find natural, simple, low-fat and local dishes! They celebrate Ecuadorian food, in its healthy and plant-based version.

3. High altitude vegan restaurant

high altitude vegan restaurant

Would you like to visit a restaurant that offers typical Ecuadorian food, delicious coffees and exquisite desserts? All this is offered to you by this vegan restaurant in Quito, with healthy and authentic food. It is considered a hidden diamond among its loyal customers, and an unmissable restaurant in the region.

4. The Vegan Spot restaurant

the vegan spot restaurant

Fancy a vegan fast food? You will love The Vegan Spot’s menu. Four types of fries, hot dogs, wraps, hamburgers, desserts, everything you could possibly want for a movie night this weekend! They also have gluten-free options. This restaurant promotes the rights of all living beings, as well as a more sustainable world, all through the delicious food they offer you! Support their movement today!