Surely after a great day at work, all you want is to have a good time to forget about the stress you went through that day, and I assure you that there is nothing better than going for a drink with your friends. So here I leave you the 5 best bars in Quito so you can have a rooftop listening to live music and dancing until you drop.

Best bars in Quito

1. Finn McCool’s

finn mccools bar

Finn McCool’s is a nice place where you can enjoy the drink you want and you will have a great time as they have a very cozy atmosphere. In addition to good drinks, they offer delicious dishes such as mozzarella fingers, French fries, chicken wings, etc.

2. Vertigo Rooftop

vertigo rooftop bar

In Quito there are many options and it is very difficult to choose the best bars in Quito, but in second place we have Vertigo Rooftop where they offer you a select and exquisite offer of drinks and cocktails, and what to say about their tapas, without a doubt delicious!

3. Strawberry Fields Bar

strawberry fields bar

Strawberry Fields is a unique bar in Quito. The decoration of this bar is what characterizes it the most since you will be surrounded by an extensive memorable collection on The Beatles. The bar will offer you a combination of casual food and cocktails, while you are accompanied by classic rock and excellent service. This place is suitable for couples or groups of friends. Strawberry Fields is a tremendously authentic place.

4. Chosen Bar

chosen bar

The Chosen Bar has good scores and is one of the most recommended. For many it is one of the bars with the best recommendation in terms of drinks and alcoholic beverages. The food on your menu is not far behind since with a good plate of appetizers you will be satisfied. The bar has a lounge style and the music is very varied so you have no excuse to go. Some days of the week there are DJs.

5. Bungalow 6


Bungalow opened its doors in 2006 and since then it has had a large dance floor that has been expanding over the years. The special thing about the place is that it also has a terrace for those who want to relax.