Ecuadorian food, despite being little known in the world, is quite varied and delicious. This food shares ingredients with the food of its neighboring country Colombia. One of the many beautiful cities in Colombia where you can eat deliciously is Bogota. Therefore, this post will compare the ingredients that the city of Quito in Ecuador and the city of Bogota in Colombia have in common. If you are in Bogota, do not hesitate to book a tour with Food Tour Bogota, so you can experience the gastronomy of Bogota in the best way.



It is no mystery to anyone that both Ecuador and Colombia are banana countries. There are many companies that produce bananas of different varieties for export and also for local consumption. In Quito the banana is widely used as street food. Large, ripe bananas are cut in half and cheese is added. All this is cooked on the grill and is a delight. In Bogota, the banana is used to make “patacones”, which are bananas cut into slices, fried and then crushed and fried again. In addition, both cities share that their inhabitants love “chifles” or plantain chips. These in turn are also used as an accompaniment to many meals.



It is rare not to find fried pork or “fritanga” in both Quito and Bogota. In both cities people seem to love fried pork in plenty of oil. To tell the truth, although it does not look very appetizing, it is an extremely delicious meal. It can be eaten with rice, fried plantains or bread and is usually found in the streets, near markets or in the city center.