Staying in Quito and choosing well the exact place is very important when planning a trip to the capital of Ecuador. Unfortunately, in the big cities of Latin America crime is still a reality and in Quito there are quieter areas than others. In this post we tell you about the best areas and hotels to stay in Quito and we also review some of the most dangerous so that you can avoid them.

Quito’s Historic center

quito's historic center

If you have a few days in the capital of Ecuador and you want to make the most of it, the historic center is the best area to stay in Quito. Basically because its old town houses most of the city’s attractions. The historic center of Quito is a real delight. It is not only the largest colonial center, but also the best preserved in Latin America.

There you can delight yourself with its colonial buildings, its churches and also its squares. Being the most touristic area of the capital, there is a lot of security, making it one of the safest areas to stay in Quito. But normally where there are tourists there are criminals, so you always have to be careful. Sleeping in the historic center you will have all the essentials accessible on foot, ideal for short visits before renting a car and discovering Ecuador.

La Carolina District

La Carolina is one of the most attractive and comfortable areas to stay in Quito. Basically because it has everything! It is an especially attractive area for families, due to its tranquility and proximity to La Carolina Park. So it becomes an ideal option to play with the little ones, and also for those who travel to Quito on business.

Being the financial district of Quito, in La Carolina you will find large hotels from the main international hotel chains. So if you are looking for a good hotel, in La Carolina you will have it easy. Unlike other financial centers, La Carolina is an area with a wide range of restaurants at night. In addition, you will also find a lot of shopping centers, including Quicentro Norte, where you can go shopping and disconnect a bit from your tourist visits.

Gonzalez Suarez Avenue

Avenida González Suarez and surroundings is one of the “poshest” areas to stay in Quito. There is quite a lot of hotel offer and its main characteristic is that, thanks to its elevation, there are several hotels with very good views.

Apart from its tranquility and the excellent views, what we like most about this area is that it is halfway between the historic center of Quito and La Carolina, its commercial center. Although both options will be too far to walk, you can get there in just 15 minutes by taxi. Along Avenida González Suarez you will find many restaurants and other facilities, although far from it everything is a bit dead.

La Floresta district

This is one of the cheapest and most interesting areas to stay in Quito. The main attraction of the neighborhood is its street art. You will see a lot of murals in its streets and also several art galleries. The quintessential bohemian neighborhood of Quito will not disappoint you. But is it worth sleeping there?

It is a residential area, although it also has some hotels and restaurants that will make your visit easier. If you’re an artist looking for inspiration, you’ll obviously feel right at home. And if your budget is limited, La Floresta is one of the cheapest areas to stay in Quito. There are many hostels that will allow you to sleep for very few dollars a night. Another of the attractions of La Floresta is its street food. In the evenings, in the main square you will find a lot of street food carts with local specialties.